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STASH HOUSE by Gary Spinelli
Repped by Pedicin & Wuliger at Gersh / Goldberg & Adler at ROAR.
Logline – Upon moving into their dream starter house, a young couple discovers that the dangerous men on the lawn will stop at nothing to retrieve what they are now locked inside with. STRANGERS meets PANIC ROOM.
Pre-emptively SOLD to Dark Castle/After Dark
***Same writer that has the EL DORADO/Nachmanoff package into buyers

more specs

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X written by Ryan Belenzon & Jeffrey Gelber

Grounded action thriller centered around the real history of infamous
treasure site OAK ISLAND

Out from Mike Weber at Radar


RIP,  ROAR, ROMANCE by Mike McCrary
Out from:  Mason Novic (MXN) and Chris Smith (Paradigm)

Logline:  Follows the off-kilter relationship between a wild, unpredictable girl with a plan and a recently dumped guy that has no idea what’s in store for   him…a relationship that she will only allow to last 24 hours.   SOMETHING WILD meets THE HANGOVER.


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WARD 4 written by Michael Calladine
Spec out from Jonathan Hung:

Logline: When Josh Lambert, a troubled attention seeking sixteen year
old son of a controversial DC politician, witnesses a Nurse and Doctor
killing patients to harvest their organs on Ward 4, not only does no
one believe him but it puts the life of his sick younger sister in
jeopardy when she’s placed in the Doctor and Nurse’s care.

It’s in the vein of Disturbia meets Coma set in a hospital

EVIDENCE by John Swetnam
Out form David Boxerbaum (APA) and Jake Wagner (Film Engine)
Horror crime-thriller. When the police arrive at an abandoned desert gas station after a brutal massacre, they find no evidence at the crime scene except for some of the victims personal electronics, which include a video camera, flip cam, and two cell phones. With nothing else to go on, a troubled detective must analyze and piece together the footage from the personal electronics in order to figure out what the hell happened and who the killer is.
CROSSHAIR by Morgan Davis Foehl
Producer: Mandeville Films
Representation: WME & Wirehouse Entertainment (Foehl) and CAA (Top Cow) 

Espionage thriller in the vein of BOURNE meets TAKEN.  Based on the Top Cow comic.

**Into Buyers Directly**

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ENTRY LEVEL by Benjamin Hurley
Out from Verve/Caliber Media
Logline: After he mysteriously awakens in a super high-security building, a
young man is forced to complete a series of tasks that will implicate him in
a much larger crime.

Executive moves

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John Budkins
Now: Vice President, Programming and Scheduling, CBS Television
Stations (as of 12/13/10, New York)
Was: Vice President, Sales, Northeast region, CBS Television

Jeff Gaspin
Now: Pursuing other opportunities
Was: President and Chief Operating Officer, Universal Television Group

Amy Emmerich
Now: Vice President, Production and Development, Travel Channel (New
Was: Senior Director, Development, MTV (New York)

Phil Gonzales
Now: Senior Vice President, Communications, CBS Entertainment
Was: Vice President, Communications, CBS Entertainment

Andy Kubitz
Now: Senior Vice President, Program Planning and Scheduling, CBS
Was: Vice President, Program Planning and Scheduling, CBS

Gene Lavelle
Now: Senior Vice President of Distribution, Associated Television
Was: Vice President, Sales, First Look Studios

Lauri Metrose
Now: Senior Vice President, Communications, CBS Television Studios
Was: Vice President, Communications, CBS Television Studios

Jonathan Ruane
Now: Director of Development, E! Entertainment Television
Was: Story Producer, “Jerseylicious” (Style Network/Endemol USA)

Craig R. Tinsley
Now: Product Manager, Spike Digital Entertainment
Was: IS&T Intern, Nickelodeon Animation Studios


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By Eileen Walls
Logline: A couple that’s just broken up agrees to attend their friend’s and
family’s Fourth of July parties in an attempt to keep up appearances, which
throughout the day forces them to confront the real issues that drove them
*Benderspink attached to produce. Going straight into buyers.

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SLEEPWALKER by Chris Borrelli
Reps: Chris Cowles (H2F) and John Huddle (UTA)

A mysterious event turns the world’s population into an army of coordinated sleepwalkers, hunting down the few who remain awake.  An insomniac leads a small group in their quest to survive, find his daughter, and rescue what’s left of the world’s population.

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THE FOLLOWER by Tony Giglio
Out from ROAR (Goldberg & Adler) and Paradigm (Trevor Astbury)
Logline –  A recovering alcoholic gets addicted to the thrill of stalking strangers, she discovers her new found obsession is perhaps more dangerous than it appears.
In the vein of THE GAME.


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TIME FIRES by Judd Trichter
Out from APA/David Saunders
An outspoken college professor must save the world from an evil time-traveler trying to alter the outcome of World War II.


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Representation: Alan Gasmer (Alan Gasmer & Friends)

Written by: Darryl Quarles

TRADING PLACES meets WALL STREET with a white guy.

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