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Posted in comic by westsideninja on September 18, 2009

WINCHESTER (comic) by Dan Vado

Brent Lilley/Mosaic

Inspired by real events: William Winchester’s widow is told by a psychic
that as long as she continues to build on her house, the souls of all those
killed by the “Winchester rifle” will cease haunting her and her family.
Today, the house sits as a national landmark-with doors that lead nowhere
and secret compartments/hallways still being discovered. Millions of
tourists continue to visit each year. It is considered the “World’s Most
Haunted House.”

Tone: a fun and spooky four quadrant adventure film in the vein of The
Haunted Mansion (the ride).

Comic coming out from Slave Labor Graphics in October

*this will be interesting considering andrew trapani is working on a winchester project as well. press release below via dominion3 PR:


LOS ANGELES, CA (June 4th, 2009) – Film producer and San Jose native Andrew Trapani is following up his smash hit THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT with the first ever feature film based on the world famous WINCHESTER MYSTERY HOUSE, located in San Jose, CA.

HAUNTING screenwriting duo Adam Simon & Tim Metcalfe are reuniting with Trapani to pen the WINCHESTER script. Trapani and his producing partner Brian Gilbert, along with Brett Tomberlin and Antonia Lianos, will produce the film. Tomberlin and his production company, Imagination Design Works, acquired the exclusive rights and approached Trapani to partner on the pic.

Although Hollywood heavyweights like Peter Jackson (“Lord of the Rings”), Bryan Singer (“X-Men”) and Stephen King (“Misery”) have attempted to court Winchester in the past, this will be the first feature film production granted permission to shoot on location.

The Winchester Mystery House is considered one of the top ten most haunted places in America. Over two million visitors pass through the 160-room mansion each year. The house was originally built by Winchester Rifle Heiress Sarah L. Winchester in the late 1800s. Widowed at a young age, Winchester became convinced that her house was haunted by the many souls taken by the rifle that bore her name. After holding a series of séances, a ‘spiritual medium’ told Winchester that in order to keep the angry spirits at bay, she must “never stop building the house”. Said the spiritualist, “If you build, you will live. Stop and you will perish.”

And stop building she did not. Construction went on 24 hours a day for 32 consecutive years until Sarah’s death in 1922. What stands now is a 24,000 square foot Victorian behemoth that includes 10,000 windows, 47 fireplaces, and staircases and doors that lead to nothing but blank walls. The house holds daily and midnight tours.

Says Trapani, “The Bay Area is home, so this is an incredibly opportunity. I grew up seeing movies at the Century Theatres on Winchester Avenue and toured the house more times than I can remember.”

Trapani’s most recent film, THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT was released nationwide by Lionsgate Films on Friday, March 27, 2009. The film stars Oscar Nominated actress Virginia Madsen and opened as the #2 movie in the country earning over $23,000,000 in just three days of domestic release. Produced on a modest budget of $10,000,000, the film has gone on to gross over $55,000,000 domestic box office and is amongst the top ten most successful films in the history of Lionsgate.

Trapani continued: “I’ve always been fascinated with the Winchester House and couldn’t imagine a better follow up project to ‘Haunting’…”

Please contact Kim Dixon at dominion3 public relations for full bios and for interview requests.


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