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announced finalists in Nicholl Fellowships

Posted in news by westsideninja on October 8, 2009

**i have about half of these scripts.  if you would like one or to trade then email me. if you are the legal representative of any of these writers, just kidding i don’t really have any scripts**

as reported by Indiewire:

Matt Ackley, Los Angeles, “Victoria Falls”
Vineet Dewan and Angus Fletcher, Los Angeles, “Sand Dogs”
John Griffin, Los Angeles, “Dream before Waking”
Hiram Martinez, New York City, “Ansiedad”
Marleine Pacilio, Shadow Hills, Calif., “Born Elizabeth Jane”
Adriana Brad Schanen, Montclair, N.J., “Gifted”
Neil Swaab, Astoria, N.Y., “Eddie Fantastic!”
Nidhi Anna Verghese, Los Angeles, “Jallianwala Bagh”
Dan Lee West, Vancouver, Canada, “Abroad”
Jeff Williams, Wake Forest, N.C., “Pure”

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  1. Tanya Schmid said, on May 16, 2010 at 12:42 pm

    I found your site very interesting.

    I just entered 2 scripts in the 2010 Nicholls. I found and read PURE online and would be interested in reading the other winners’ scripts.

    Here are the loglines from my 2 scripts. If it is appropriate and you think it would help me get representation, I would greatly appreciate you posting the loglines on your site.

    TIME TO FLY (romantic adventure-drama)
    Laura, a brilliant young aerospace engineer, goes on a work scholarship in Switzerland to qualify for MIT’s grad school. She moves into a house full of young paragliders where she falls in love and gets paragliding fever, putting her future career at risk.

    Gary’s Bed & Breakfast (sex comedy)
    An ex-computer nerd turns his home into a B&B for single women…with him as part of the package: A nerdy Midwestern computer expert loses his job. In order not to lose his house he decides to turn the downstairs into a bed & breakfast with a hook…a lonely woman’s paradise with himself as part of the package. He changes his image, helps women with their problems, manages to avoid the local police, then falls in love with a nerdy female computer expert who isn’t interested in his new persona.

    Thanks for all the news!

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