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Posted in news by westsideninja on March 18, 2010
“The Invention of Hugo Cabret” – Chloe Moretz & Asa Butterfield cast
as the kids  along with   Ben Kinglsey as “Georges” and Sacha Baron
Cohen as the “Station Inspector.”
“The Help” – Choices are Viola Davis for “Abileen,’ Octavia Spencer
for “Minnie,” & Emma Stone for “Eugenia.”
“Someone In the Dark” – Carlos Brooks is off, now ODA.
“Alien Prequel” – draft due this week
“Fantastic Voyage”  – ODA
“Mr. Poppers Penguins” – ODA and talking to Noah Baumbach
“Neighborhood Watch” – Offers now out to Will Ferrell & Bradley Cooper
“Secret Life of Walter Mitty” – OWA, Sacha Baron Cohen is the choice.
“Tender Is The Night” – ODA, Matt Damon & Keira Knightley are the
“This Means War” – “FDR” choices are Seth Rogen, Chris Pine, Robert
Downey, Jr. & Matt Damon.  James Franco holds the “Tuck” offer (for
“Man and Wife” – Talking to Akiva to direct.
“Wolverine 2” – ODA
“Is He The One” – ODA, Katie Heigl attached.
“Lie Down In Darkness” – Scott Cooper starting to put this William
Styron adaptation together.
“The Oranges” – Offer to Jeff Daniels for “Terry Bass.”
“Untitled Paul Thomas Anderson” – Amanda Seyfried, Emma Stone &
Deborah Ann Woll are the choices for the daughter, “Elizabeth.”
“Captain America” – Offers to Channing Tatum for the title role, Keira
Knightely for “Peggy” and Hugo Weaving for “Red Skull.”
New Line:
“The Rite” – Colin O’Donoghue & Sam Riley are the choices to star
opposite Anthony Hopkins
New Regency:
“Mother Trucker” – Craig Brewer w/d.  Channing Tatum and Bradley
Cooper are the next choices.  Out to Kate Hudson for the female lead.
“Pendragon” – Making a deal for Sylvain White to direct.  Rob
Pattinson is the first choice to star.
Warner Bros.:
“Crazy, Stupid, Love” – Offers to Julianne Moore for “Tracy Weaver,”
Emma Stone for “Hannah Weaver” and Judy Greer for “Kate.”
“Red Riding Hood” – Gearing up for a July start in Canada.  Ronna
Kress casting.  Amanda Seyfried and Emma Watson (in order) are the
choices for the lead, “Valerie.”
“Something Borrowed” – Kate Hudson finally has the rewrite for
“Darcy.”  Jessica Biel & Sienna Miller are the back-ups.  Colin
Egglesfield got “Dex.”
“Treasure Island” – Michael Gilio’s draft is in and being kept close
the vest.  ODA.
“Untitled Eric Roth Romance Project” – Draft due in a month.  “The Way
We Were” in tone.  George Clooney & Julia Roberts are the prototypes.

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