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Posted in specs by westsideninja on November 4, 2010

Bruckheimer into Disney

Gough/ Miller into Fox

Sam Raimi into Sony

Benderspink into WB, Spyglass, Dreamworks

Virgin Produced into Relativity, Lionsgate, Summit

Doug Davison into Paramount, Universal

Verso into New Line

Direct into CBS, New Regency, GK Films


Out from:  H2F (Chris Fenton)

Genre: Sci-FiAttachments:  H2F to produce, looking to partner

Logline:  I AM LEGEND meets AVATAR.  In 2067 the world faces an onslaught of irreversible evils leading the human population to an inevitable extinction.  Moments before the death of his wife and son, a scientist promises to search the universe for a new planetary home to continue what’s left of the human race.  337 years later our hero returns to Earth to find a civilization altered beyond his worst nightmares and unwelcoming to his promise of hope.

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