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Posted in specs by westsideninja on January 12, 2011

WARD 4 written by Michael Calladine
Spec out from Jonathan Hung:

Logline: When Josh Lambert, a troubled attention seeking sixteen year
old son of a controversial DC politician, witnesses a Nurse and Doctor
killing patients to harvest their organs on Ward 4, not only does no
one believe him but it puts the life of his sick younger sister in
jeopardy when she’s placed in the Doctor and Nurse’s care.

It’s in the vein of Disturbia meets Coma set in a hospital

EVIDENCE by John Swetnam
Out form David Boxerbaum (APA) and Jake Wagner (Film Engine)
Horror crime-thriller. When the police arrive at an abandoned desert gas station after a brutal massacre, they find no evidence at the crime scene except for some of the victims personal electronics, which include a video camera, flip cam, and two cell phones. With nothing else to go on, a troubled detective must analyze and piece together the footage from the personal electronics in order to figure out what the hell happened and who the killer is.
CROSSHAIR by Morgan Davis Foehl
Producer: Mandeville Films
Representation: WME & Wirehouse Entertainment (Foehl) and CAA (Top Cow) 

Espionage thriller in the vein of BOURNE meets TAKEN.  Based on the Top Cow comic.

**Into Buyers Directly**


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