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Posted in specs by westsideninja on November 10, 2010
TIME FIRES by Judd Trichter
Out from APA/David Saunders
An outspoken college professor must save the world from an evil time-traveler trying to alter the outcome of World War II.


Posted in specs by westsideninja on November 2, 2010

Project: Good Samaritan
Genre: Thriller
Writer: Jeffrey Reddick (Final Destination)
Prods: Andrew Trapani, Brian Gilbert (Nine/8 Ent),  Wendy Rhoads
Agent: David Saunders (APA)
Logline: Inspired by true events: a beloved philanthropist is brutally murdered while several witnesses fail to intervene.  Amidst the public backlash, the “bad samaritans” suffer mysterious deaths.


Posted in specs by westsideninja on March 22, 2010

The Butcher Bride (aka Marlie Downing) based on the best selling novel by Vince Churchill. Adapted by J/R Reher. Out from David Saunders @ APA.

One All Hallow’s Eve, Marlie Downing donned a wedding dress & went on a vicious murder spree in the Silas mansion and was eventually killed.   30 years later her murderous spirit, now known as the Butcher Bride, is restless and has yet to leave the house.  Marlie Downing has a secret to share with the world.


Posted in specs by westsideninja on March 15, 2010

BAGGAGE by Anthony Picchitelli
Rep: David Saunders (APA)

Thriller. Two luggage handlers running a petty theft operation steal a
bag containing a human head and find themselves in a life or death
struggle to keep their families alive.


Posted in specs by westsideninja on September 22, 2009

5150 by Ed Neumeier.

David Saunders/APA

Recruited for black ops by the CIA, a psychologically traumatized Marine sniper finds himself on the frontline of a secret cold war against aliens who have taken over the world and co-opted the United States Government.

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