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Posted in specs by westsideninja on January 10, 2011

ENTRY LEVEL by Benjamin Hurley
Out from Verve/Caliber Media
Logline: After he mysteriously awakens in a super high-security building, a
young man is forced to complete a series of tasks that will implicate him in
a much larger crime.



Posted in specs by westsideninja on February 2, 2010

Hearing that Verve & Farah Films & Management are out this week with a big new action spec written by Jay Simpson (sole writer of ARMORED, which was Jay’s first spec).  Only a few select producers are getting it now.

Logline: Logline: On is last day serving in Iraq, a marine learns the

location of a lost shipment of unclaimed oil worth 100 million dollars.
Once discharged and back in the states, he enlists the help of 3 long
time friends to go find and sell the oil, but their simple plan goes bad
when they quickly find the underbelly of the middle east and the black
market oil exchange, as well as the US Navy, standing in their way….